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Re-release: Interview With Doug Myers A 20 Year Army Vet And My Good Friend IronWill

On this episode of the IronWill podcast, we talk with Doug Myers a 20 year Army vet. We discuss, his deployment to Iraq where he suffered multiple concussions, we talk about his divorce, and becoming a drill sergeant. We also talk with him about getting married this time to the right person, and his deployment to Afghanistan, where he served as a platoon sergeant. So come on and listen as he discusses his highs and lows of serving the United States Army.
  1. Re-release: Interview With Doug Myers A 20 Year Army Vet And My Good Friend
  2. 51: “Life Is A Marathon Not A Sprint” The Sadie & Corbin Raymond Story
  3. 50: Travis Hall Of Second Chance K9
  4. 49: My Sister Emily Nate
  5. -Just Checking In With All Of You Guys-

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I had the pleasure of being on the IronWill podcast this week. It was a great experience. Thanks again IronWill for having me on your podcast.

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